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They say there is no substitute for the real thing, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to purchasing Tamron products. While you may be able to buy new Tamron lenses through sources that are not authorized Tamron dealers, these gray market vendors cannot offer the warranty, repair, and support of our official partners.
Learn more about the repercussions of purchasing gray market lenses here.

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When you purchase a lens from an authorized Tamron Americas dealer, you’re also purchasing quality assurance at no additional charge. We’ve partnered with our dealers in the U.S. to provide a 6-year Limited Warranty, as well as an industry-leading 3-Business Day Repair Turnaround; that means that your equipment is covered against defect or faulty workmanship for 6 whole years after purchase, and will be repaired in less than a week should that become necessary, so long as you patronized an authorized Tamron Americas dealer when you made your purchase.


On the other hand, if you purchased your Tamron mirrorless lens or DSLR lenses on the gray market, they will be deemed inauthentic and ineligible for the benefits set forth above.

When you purchase your Tamron products from an authorized Tamron dealer, you will be able to register your lenses and enjoy the comfort of knowing you’re protected should anything go wrong—however unlikely that may be. Once a lens is registered, we automatically supply you with a copy of your warranty for your records, but this is only possible when you provide valid proof of purchase from an authorized Tamron dealer.

We didn’t become the leading camera lens manufacturer only by pioneering the field of optics, we also worked hard to develop a customer support system that truly assists our clients in meaningful ways. In our 70 years of business, we have learned that the best way we can service you and maintain the highest level of quality is by only conducting business through our authorized dealers. Allow us to give you the best possible experience with your Tamron lenses—find an authorized Tamron Americas dealer support today.